Hailed as Punk's newest daughter...

BEX is a punk rock musician based in the UK, known for her raw and edgy sound, as well as her strong DIY ethos.

BEX's live performances are known for their high energy and audience engagement, with BEX often interacting with fans and creating a sense of community around her music.

2023 commenced with BEX supporting WARGASM, Future Humans, TRUNC, Nels Hylton’s UPGRADE, and first single ‘SPYD4 K1NG’ from her EP, SCUM. The single hit Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Misfits 2.0, All New Rock & Amazon’s Breakthrough Rock.
Coverage including BBC Radio 1 Introducing, Alyx Holcombe’s BBC Introducing Rock on Radio 1, Alt Show Radio & Changing Tune with Sophie Smith as well as Kerrang! with Alex Baker.

Summer of 2023 saw BEX tearing stages with raucous sets at 2000 Trees, Y Not Festival, Multitude & Misery Loves Company. Alongside supporting The Oozes & Witch Fever in the UK.

BEX's debut EP 'SCUM' landed on all streaming platforms in October alongside her first headline tour with a sell out at London's Black Heart. A four day run for fans to fully immerse in the BEX experience. Ending the year with Years End Festival & 'Filfy' Tokky Horror remix.

Kicking off 2024 supporting Saint Agnes on their UK tour & her next release beginning of March.

You can let BEX’s music, messages & arresting visuals do the talking. As clear as day, one to watch in 2024.

BEX Live

Review Quotes

“A young, multi-faceted visionary, the last few years have seen the artist rapidly grow her musicianship.” - Metal Hammer

“Oozing personality” - Metal Hammer 

“Overall, SCUM shows why BEX is one of the most exciting up-and-coming musicians. Her unique take on punk by expanding its sound with experimentation is innovative, and this EP shows how skilled she is as a song and lyric writer, with SPYD4 K1ING being arguably the best example. The new wave of punk is here, and BEX is proudly leading the way.” - Distorted Sound (9/10)

“BEX has done an exceptional job of finding her sound and using it to create music that packs a punch while spreading very important messages. In a market that seems to becoming very relaxed and almost “safe”, BEX offers a much more raw style and isn’t afraid of annoying people with what she has to say. If this is what we can expect from the UK Punk scene in the future, I’m all here for it!” - The Rock Fix

“‘Scum’ is a punchy EP that launches BEX as a firecracker of attitude.” - Joyzine


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